2021 Free Xbox UPDATED Codes Real Cards Free Gifts Giveaway [987j]

2021 Free Xbox UPDATED Codes Real Cards Free Gifts Giveaway [987j]
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Its a well known fact that the absolute best things in life are free, particularly with regards to gaming. Regardless of whether it's free games through Xbox Live Games with Gold or accepting a free credit on one's PSN account, few would contend against getting free stuff. Presently it appears to be that Rockstar Energy needs to give that feeling to players with its most current advancement parting with Xbox Live gift vouchers.

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Rockstar Energy has reported that players who buy any of its restricted version Cyberpunk 2077 caffeinated drinks from October 1 through December 31 will have the option to reclaim a code for a $1 Xbox gift voucher. While this may not seem like a lot, players will have the option to recover up to $60 worth of these codes, which would hypothetically be sufficient to permit them to buy Cyberpunk 2077 through the Xbox Live store.

The enormous Xbox Summer Sale (otherwise called the Ultimate Game Sale) started not long ago, and accordingly, Microsoft has been celebrating by compensating select Xbox players with free gift vouchers.

In any case, there's a trick. As brought up by different analysts on Reddit, it would seem that these freebies are confined to a small bunch of locales just (US, Canada and Australia we've spotted up until this point), and have all the earmarks of being very restricted:

Here's a glance at the message some Xbox players are accepting:

Obviously, this is the same old thing - Microsoft intermittently gives out free gift vouchers to Xbox proprietors, yet ordinarily just in specific locales. This time around, players appear to get anything from around $5-10, so we propose checking your Xbox Live Messages to check whether any freebies have dropped in your inbox.

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2021 Free Xbox UPDATED Codes Real Cards Free Gifts Giveaway [987j]

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